General computer knowledge courses provide foundational skills and insights for individuals to navigate the digital landscape, covering essential concepts in computer hardware, software, and basic troubleshooting to enhance overall digital literacy.

A course containing just one quiz - 100 questions on 9 different areas of the OCR Level 2 Functional Skills ICT qualification. The questions were designed by a group of students from Our Lady's High School Preston, namely: Declan, Jack, Anna, Hamed, Michael, James, Lewiss, Jordain, Tom and Matt, generously let loose by their teacher Alan O'Donohoe. Feel free to tweak the questions for your own purposes.

You can either restore the whole course into your Moodle and and use "as is"  - see docs: Course restore or you can import the quiz (one restored) into another course - see docs Activity Restore - or you can simply use selected questions by exporting and then importing one of the chosen question categories - see docs: Export questions and Import questions.,

In this course you will learn about simple and complex Linux commands, combining them, building Bash scripts, etc. It will be hands-on, where the teacher will show first how to use different commands and the participants will try them themselves. Each participant is going to have an account on the training server. 

The scenario is intended for people working in the hospitality industry and mainly working back office at the Sales Department of a hotel/ resort. That is to say, stuff like the Sales Development Representative (SDR), the inside & outside sales representative, the Sales Manager, the Customer Success Manager (CSM), the Sales operation manager, the sales operation and regional sales manager, as well as the Director, Vice President Manager, and the Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

Introducing the concept of Digital Literacy. Optimised for mobile.